Ola Wessel-Aas, Portfolio Manager
Prior to setting up Taiga in 2007, Ola spent eleven years in investment banking at Merrill Lynch, including as Director in the Financial Institutions Group and as Head of Nordic Investment Banking. Prior work experience includes a year as junior associate with McKinsey & Co. and his military service as a paratrooper with the Norwegian Army. He holds a Master of Business Administration, Finance Major from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (1995) and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Economics from the University of Durham (1991).

Andreas Petterøe, Portfolio Manager
Prior to joining Taiga as a founding partner, Andreas spent seven years with Telenor Kapitalforvaltning ASA as a portfolio manager of Norwegian and Nordic equities. He has also spent three years with Globus Forvaltning as a portfolio manager of Norwegian equities and one year with the Oslo Stock Exchange at the Options & Futures desk. He completed an officers training program during his military service in the Norwegian Army. Mr. Petterøe holds a Master of Arts with Honours in Management from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland (1996) and a CFA (2004).

Paul Handeland, Investment Analyst
Paul joined Taiga in January 2009. He worked for Explora Capital from June 2007 through 2008. He was a sell-side analyst at ABG Sundal Collier from 2005 to 2007. As an equity analyst, Paul covered a range of companies within the consumer and industrial sectors and was responsible for the coverage of the Norwegian technology sector. His military service was in the Royal Norwegian Air Force. He holds a Siviløkonom degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Sandvika, Norway.

Øystein Kværner, Investment Analyst
Prior to joining Taiga in 2015 Øystein completed his MBA at Columbia Business School where he was part of the Value Investing Program. Before Columbia he worked two years as a consultant with Bain & Company. Øystein completed his military service in His Majesty the King’s Guard. In addition to the MBA (2015), he holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Oslo with a specialization in International Investment Law (2010).

Alexander Steffens, Head of Operations
Alexander has been responsible for middle office operations and administration at Explora Capital since 2004 and Taiga Fund since inception. His prior work experience includes two years with Tensor Invest’s small cap alternative energy fund and one year with Inge Steensland shipbrokers. He has a Master of Arts in Business Organisation from Heriott Watt University (1998).

Elin Wallin Tørre, Operations and Client Relations
Prior to joining Taiga in 2008, Elin spent two years at EFG Eurofinancière d’Investissements, Monaco, from 2004 to 2006 and two years at BNY Mellon in London from 2006 to 2008. She has an Master of Business Administration from the International University of Monaco (2003).